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    To start making money with our project, you need to go through a simple registration. The registration process will not take much time. We do not collect any personal information and do not require any documents to prove your identity. The data used during registration and financial transactions are reliably protected and not available to third parties.
    It is strictly forbidden to create multiple accounts without prior agreement with the project administration.
    During the registration process, you must provide your real email, otherwise data recovery in the event of a lost password or payment password will be impossible.

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  • Fund your account

    In order to pay for the desired contract, you must fund your account first. You can top up your account balance with any cryptocurrency supported by the platform. All calculations are made in the dogecoin cryptocurrency, funds deposited in another currency will be automatically converted into this currency at the current exchange rate.
    Buying a contract is carried out in one click.
    It is forbidden to use our service as a cryptocurrency exchanger. If such transactions will be detected, a fine may be imposed on your account, up to the complete suspending of your account.

  • Receive your coins

    Keep track of your real-time profit growth and withdraw your mined coins. Get the highest hashrate by purchasing more contracts to earn more!
    We do not charge any additional commission for the withdrawal of funds unlike other services. The minimum payout amount is only 500 DOGE. Upon reaching the minimum payout amount, you can order the payment directly to your dogecoin wallet. Payments are made manually within 24 hours. The maximum payout amount is not limited.

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